Storm Desmond December 2015

  • Carlisle flood defences built to withstand a one in 100 year event overtopped.
  • 6,500 properties flooded across Cumbria.
  • Some properties flooded to a depth of 12 feet.

Schools flooded for the second time in 10 years

Disruption to pupils' GCSE and A Levels has been immense. Travel to new sites, lost coursework, emotional upset and continued anxiety. Many students are also experiencing the effects of flooding in their homes.

3 lives sadly lost to Storm Desmond

Emergency services rescuing people from houses on Warwick Road. They put their own lives in danger to save ours.

The scale of the flooding was immense

One in 100 year event flood defences no match for the deluge

How did the EA calculate so badly?

Thousands of livestock feared dead in floods

Scenes reminiscent of foot & mouth. The poor sheep in this field had no chance, the water rose to 5 feet.

Hey.. you get a new kitchen out of this right?

  • the emotional distress of a yellow skip full of your possessions
  • exhausting round of battles with the loss adjuster, insurance renewals, the contractors, the grant administrators
  • the difficulties of living in temporary accommodation while life goes on around you
  • the constant fear of rainfall and flood alerts
  • the smell of wet plaster and filth pervading your nostrils forever

Yes, we get a new kitchen but at what price and for how long?

and last but by no means least.. the people who have shown they care

So many people who have given precious time, money, and emotional support and continue to do so. We cannot thank you enough.

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We need change.  We need change in local authority.  We need change in the EA.  We need change in Government.  If we don’t get this change then next time it will be just as bad, just as disorganised, just as soul destroying just as unnecessary.  If this was London it would not be a question of a business case.  It would be do whatever it takes.  We need funds to make our cause relevant to those in power.  We are a volunteer group – doing this in our spare time, whilst having to battle all the things that everyone else that has been flooded is having to battle – we are only human.  We need to up the game.  We need some cash to do that – hard facts but true!  We will fight as long as we can – but we need help.

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Campaigning for a safer city

Formal community group acting as powerful voice for Carlisle & District flood victims, run by flood victims, holding government and agencies to account.

Chair: Dr Steve Gibbs
Vice Chair: John Kelsall
Treasurer: Susan Kellock
Secretary: Diane Bryant


Carlisle Flood Action Group

Unit A Moorhouse Courtyard
Warwick on Eden