We need your voice

Do you have pictures, video, stories of the flood?  Are you experiencing issues with insurance, contractors, grants, mental health issues, accommodation, and more...  Do you know anybody affected by the flood who is unable to tell their story, can you do this for them?

We cannot campaign on your behalf without your stories, we need real evidence to back up our campaigns and we need to keep alive the fear, horror, grief, anger, and vulnerability we are experiencing.  We will not bring about change without it.  If you do not feel able to document your story just let us know and we can do it for you.  We do not need to publish your name, it is perfectly reasonable to expect that you wish to remain anonymous.




Campaigning for a safer city

Formal community group acting as powerful voice for Carlisle & District flood victims, run by flood victims, holding government and agencies to account.

Chair: Dr Steve Gibbs
Vice Chair: John Kelsall
Treasurer: Susan Kellock
Secretary: Diane Bryant


Carlisle Flood Action Group

Unit A Moorhouse Courtyard
Warwick on Eden